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General Track Rules:

All races consist of three 4 minute heats for qualifying. Follwed by one 5 minute main. Top qualifyer will be the driver with the most laps and or fastest time in any one of the three heats. 2nd will be the second most and so on accoridingly. Top 5 will be in the A main. The next 5 will race in the B main, then C main and so forth. The winner of each main my bump to the next highest main. Each non A main winner will receive one point. TQ will receive 1 point. A main winner will get 20 points, dropping one per position untill all racers have been covered

Six car limit per heat. (Up to the drivers and scorer)
When there are six or more entrants in one class, the heats will be divided into multiple races. (Up to the drivers and scorer)
Calls to stop the race due to radio interference can be made withing the first two laps.
Scorekeeper has the right to stop the race at anytime for scoring reasons.
Race officials have the right to black flag anyone at anytime due to the lack of driver etiquette.
If you use reverse during a race you will be penalized one lap off your standings for the day.
Any mid-race repairs will be done at the driver's pit area NOT on drivers stand.
Corner Marshals are not required to do mid-race repairs so thank them if they do anything more than Marshaling.
Corner Marshals are allowed to do repairs as long as it is off the track and have some to take over their Marshaling duties.
Battery changes in the middle of a race are strictly prohibited.
All radios will be turned off when not in a race, other than pre-drivers meeting or intermission.
All electric vehicles must use 1.2V Sub-C cells or 7.4v Lipo *.
When driving your vehicle you must be on a driver's stand.
Drivers from previous race must be Corner Marshals in the next race.
DO NOT ask scorekeeper for results. Results will be posted at intermission and at the end of the day.
The use of traction compound is accepted as long as club approves it before you use it. Must be odorless or have a pleasant odor. (list of approved compounds will be availible in the future).
Club officials make all final rulings. (By unanimous vote)
Driver etiquette is to be used ON and OFF the track.
There must be at least two cars present to race and to hold a points race for that day.
Points are awarded to the driver not the car (this means if you have a substitute driver he will get the points not the original driver)

Class Rules:


Chassis: Any
Motor: Any
Battery: Six cell Sub-C
Tires: Any
Body: Any

NOTE: This class is for beginners only. First three races are free. Racers remain in class until Club Officials see fit.


Chassis: 2WD Direct Drive solid axle, pan car
Motor: 17.5 (4-cell sub-c) 13.5 (single cell lipo*)
Battery: 4 cell Sub-C or single cell lipo*
Tires: Foams only. Designated for pan cars. NO DRAG TIRES. (No cutting tire to make treads)
Body: 200mm street truck (No modifications)
Wing: Yes (optional)
Other: Tires must fit inside body.

COT Class

Must run NASCAR (Sprint or Nationwide) series body with no alterations to body, spoiler can not be extended outside the body of the cars factory mode rear of body must be intact no cutting

Any pan car manufactures chassis is allowed to run COT.

17.5 motor (less then 2400kv{aka no TEKIN}) brushless any brand. Motors can be timed as long as KV rating is not exceeded, and any signs of tampering will result in a DQ.

Esc- No Tekin Speed Controlers, programmable esc have to be set to default

One cell lipo battery 3.7 volts 6000mah 50c max
Max voltage at track 4.25 volts no heating of lipo packs. Teched prior to race No direct soldering, batteries must have a connector.

Only spec tires ft / rear allowed Spec tires with yellow or purple strips for tires, no size requirement

Car height must be min of 4.5” with body no altering of the roof line may be done (i.e. no dimples etc).

Car weight must be a min of 36oz with transponder

Gearing open 64 pitch or 48 pitch

No heating of the lipo battery. The maximum temperature for a charged Lipo battery pack or motor shall be ambient temperature (+/-) 5’ degrees.

Sprint Car/VOW

Chassis: Must be fully independent suspension car or buggy or factory appointed Sprint Car. No solid rear axle
Motor: 17.5 brushless or 27t stock brushless.
Battery: less than 6000mah-6 cell Sub-C or 7.4v lipo
Tires: Any 2.2 or smaller street tread rubber tire or foam tire
Body: Must resemble sprint car with roll cage and nerf bars or Late model dirt oval body. Vintage open wheel body allowed. Must run nerf bars
Wing: Front Wing - Allowed. Top Wing 7" Wings only on Sprint bodies
Other: Must use A-Arms of equal length from left to right.

S/K Mods
Chassis: Must be a S/K chassis as desigined by the mfg. No springs other than under front A-Arms. no shocks allowed. Fuel tube allowed on center damper only. THIS IS NOT APAN CAR WITH A S/K BODY!
Battery:any 1S hardcase lipo
Motor: 17.5
Body: S/K type body only
Any esc

4x4 Sedan

Chassis: Must be 1/10th scale production 4x4 on road car
Motor: Any 17.5 brushless or 27t stock brushed motor
ESC: Any brushless or brushed
Battery: 6-Cell Sub-C or 7.4v lipo*
Tires: Street rubber tires or foams, 32mm or less.
Body: 200mm or 190mm street car or truck
Other: Tires must fit inside body.

Pro Truck:

Chassis: 1/10 scale 2WD stadium truck
Motor: Any 540 or 550 size motor
Battery: 6 cell Sub-C or 7.4v lipo*
Tires: 2.2 or 2.8 tires and rims
Body: Any stadium style truck body. Must be open wheel.

Pro#1 and #2 will be split based on driver ability. Decision will be made by club officers.

Short Course 2wd:

Chassis: Must be 1/10 scale Short Course truck designated by manufacturer
Motor:5700Kv motor or less.
Battery: 6000mah or less 6-7 cell sub C or 7.4v lipo*
Tires: In the intrest of Short Course, Must use designated Short Course Tires and Rims. All four tires must be same tread.
Body: Any Short Course body (body must cover tires).

* = Lipo use is permitted in all classes as long as the following requirements are met.
1. 3.7v and 7.4v HARD CASE lipos only!
2. Must use a club approved balance charger.
3. While charging lipos at the track you must REMOVE battery from vehicle and charge it in a fire proof device. (lipo bag, fire proof gun case. ect.)
4. Voltage will be checked randomly. Charged voltage must not exceed 8.4 discharged voltage must not fall below 6.0v.
5. Use common sense.
6. Any disregard to these requirements will result in a disqualification for the DAY.


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I would post a correction for the Heat setup but jesse is more qualified for the job. aka the new three qualifiers and A,B mains ect.

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